Jumat, 05 Juni 2009

Beautiful Message

This time, SMS (Short Message Service) is the easiest and may be the cheapest way for far distant communication. Most of us send and receive tens of SMS’s per day. In fact, SMS not only used to send message but also to spread something less important. SMS can also be used to send another things, such as greetings, jokes, wise words, etc. One of my hobbies is sending jokes and wise words to my friends. Because of it, I often receive some similar jokes and wise words from my friends. Some of wise words that have been sent by my friends are listed below. I still save these message in my inbox because I very like them. I think these words are worth to be written here because they can inspire someone, included me. So, enjoy these words!

You may have someone in your mind
You may have someone in your heart
You may have someone in your dream
You may have someone in your life
But, Allah is someone when you have none

The secret of friendship is concern
The secret of love is sacrify
The secret of happiness is giving
The secret of live is Allah

God gave you two legs to walk
Two hands to hold
Two eyes to see
Two ears to hear
But, why did God give you only one heart
Because he gave the other one in someone for you to find

Friendship is like a tree
It isn’t measure on how tall it could be
But, on how deep the roots have grown

Square has 4 corners
Triangle has 3 tips
And line has 2 ends
But, our friendship is like a circle
Because it has no end

It’s not important where we are,
But in which direction we are moving
When we learn how to set one goal,
We will know how to set all goals

In my life I have learned
To love
To smile
To be happy
To be strong
I have never learned
To forget someone like you

Friendship doesn’t need everyday conversation
Doesn’t always need togetherness
As long as the relationship is kept in the heart
True friends are never go apart

Have a heart that never abhorring
A smile that never faded
A touch that never hurting
And a friendship that never ended

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